The history of the Omeshorn 1503

Shrouded in legend and mystical, the light sparkles over the summit of the Hausberg high above Lech and has fascinated people since time immemorial. ...what quiet secret does the Omeshorn probably conceal.

The "Omeshorn" house is a typical log house for the area and at that time, with a brick central section, boarded house fronts and a shingle roof. The arrangement of the very small windows was characteristic of the original construction method and has been partially preserved to this day. The gable (the wall surface at the top of the roof) bore the date 1503. The building bears the house number 3 and was thus one of the early houses around Lech.

According to records, descendants of the Rützler family, who had already lived in Lech around 1650, were the first owners. Johann-Josef Huber increased the value of the house from the estate of an unknown person and since then it has been owned by the Huber family - now in the 5th generation.

In 2005, Daniel Huber and his partner decided to convert the house partly for private purposes but also for the rental of "high-standard flats".